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Film Set

vancouver production company

behind the peace


if you got a idea for a video, we start with budgeting to establish the guidelines for the production team to follow throughout the course of the project. afterwards the crew focuses on the script, storyboard, shotlist and scheduling to make sure we are fully prepared for the film day.



the filming process is where we truly pride ourself in capturing the story in the most cinematic way. each scene is light properly and every shot looks like a movie of its own. we use cinema rigs and with the right budget nothing is impossible.



the editing process involves stitching all of the footage together creating the story and making sure the narrative is complete. our time spent in the music industry gives us a deeper understanding of music composition and sound design, making sure your ears stay satisfied just as much as your eyes.



colorgrading is like the icing on the cake for the final film. no color grade ever looks the same, we make sure each grade is specific to the emotion of the project.

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